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Press Release: How to Read an Adult Coloring Book

CONTACT: Mary Ogle, author and illustrator

How to Read an Adult Coloring Book

Mary Ogle’s adult coloring book “Orangeroof Zoo” goes beyond pretty pictures to make readers a vital part of a multi-layered story

OJAI, CALIFORNIA – July 29, 2015 – Award-winning artist Mary Ogle’s “Orangeroof Zoo” is the next logical step in the adult coloring book revolution. Combining finely crafted and detailed line drawings with a compelling narrative, “Orangeroof Zoo” puts the book in coloring book.

The story begins with a curious summons. L receives a piece of unsolicited correspondence from Z and must choose whether to accept a cryptic offer of transportation to the abandoned Orangeroof Zoo. The reader follows L and Z’s intriguing interaction through a series of beautifully illustrated black and white cards, bringing the pages to life through their own creative use of color.

When asked why she chose to create an adult coloring book combined with a rich tale of hope, loss and rebirth Mary Ogle replied, “I wanted the reader to become part of the story. I like collaborating, and this was a way to create a book that we all could share. Each copy will be unique depending on how the reader chooses to color the pages.”

“Coloring is a good way to find calm and relieve stress,” Ogle continued, “I wanted to create an immersive world where the reader felt like they were contributing to the narrative and giving something back. There’s an enormous sense of fulfillment in creating art and I want everyone to have the chance to experience that.”

For additional information on “Orangeroof Zoo” contact Mary Ogle or visit

“Orangeroof Zoo” is available on Amazon:
ISBN: 978-1514863039

About Mary Ogle:
Mary Ogle is a professional artist working in the digital medium. She is also known for her popular TV show reviews and commentary on geek culture. Mary’s commissions have included everything from fine art to fan art, event posters, illustration and book design. To see more of Mary’s work visit


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Zebra Activity Detected in the Outer Perimeter

Dear Z – I found the zebras and pointed them in the direction of the promenade however I’m afraid the tulips in the southern garden are beyond repair. We’ll need to find another gift for the orangutans. Though frankly the way the party went last time I’ll doubt they’ll notice if I don’t show up with anything. – L

ps) Here’s my sketch. I don’t know why cameras won’t work in this place.


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